• Unique Logo Designs
    Branding and Logo Identities that are always Bold and Effective,
    for Start Ups and Established Companies alike.
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  • Graphic Design
    From Bold Icons to Bullet Proof Billboards.
    From Display Advertisments to Books and Magazines.
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  • Unique Web Designs
    From Single Page to Comprehensive Corporate Sites.
    Clean and Powerfull Websites that are Responsive and well Thought Out.
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This section of my portfolio features some of the logo designs I've created for various organizations. Logos are my favorite projects to undertake because there are so many challenges involved in creating them.

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Graphic Design

The term "graphic design" encompasses so many things. Images, color schemes, typography, photos and objects all play a role in defining what graphic design truly means and how it is experienced.

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Web Design

A website has to look good and work well to be effective. Whether hand coding HTML or PHP websites, or customizing a CMS, I'll design your website with your SEO ranking in mind.

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My Graphic Design Background

My name is Pete Castillo and I have over 20 years experience as a graphic designer. Professionally, my greatest joys come from seeing how my design contributions positively affect my clients' business and propels them to achieve higher goals.

I've honed my design skills to meet print and digital advertising standards. I strive to create the most effective visual solution for every graphic design project I undertake.

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